Project Status

Last Updated: July 1 2021

Here's a quick report on the status of various projects we have in the works, updated around the beginning of every month or whenever we have news. If you want to keep up with the latest news and get access to previews and playtest materials, check out our Patreon.

Most of our hardcover print books falls in the 160-200 page count range. All are also released in PDF formats (and any fiction pieces separately in ebook formats).

Most of our softcover print-on-demand releases fall in the 24-40 page count range. All are also released as PDFs.

Recent Releases

Xenovore's Fate cover

On the Horizon

  • Morph Recognition Guide, Revised (Title TBD)
    In the Layout and Art Direction stages. It updates all morphs to EP2, introduces some new variants, and more!
    the project is in the Layout stage (4/5)

  • Eclipse Phase on Astral Tabletop - character sheets and other resources to play Eclipse Phase on Astral VTT!

  • Eclipse Phase Second Edition Wiki

  • EP2 Condensed Player's Guide
    One of our EP2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals, this is in Final Layout stages.
    the project is in the Layout stage (4/5)

  • Your Whispering Muse (EP2 KS stretch goal)
    A series of 8 mini-releases covering different parts of the Eclipse Phase setting, edition-agnostic! First drafts for the first Series are in-house and going through development and editing.
    the project is in the Development stage (3/5)

Further Away ...

  • Blackvein's Underworld Guide
    A sourcebook on transhuman crime, cartels, and running crime-based campaigns. We have contracted half of this book so far, and first drafts are in and being developed.
    the project is in the Drafts stage (2/5)

  • Eclipse Phase PDF-only to Print on Demand
    Roughly every month we're taking a title that has only been available in PDF to Print on Demand! DriveThruRPG's printer has recently discontinued saddle-stich (stapled) printing, so we are going to have to re-do a bunch of these titles.
    the project is in the Layout stage (4/5)

  • System Gazetteer
    A sourcebook on the key factions and locations of the solar system for Eclipse Phase Second Edition. Currently in the outline stage.
    the project is in the Concepts stage (1/5)

  • Eclipse Phase First Edition Core Book ePub
    The EP core book in ePub format, divided into two separate books: setting and rules. The setting ePub is available now. The rules ePub is in production, it just needs a good Q&A check and some final corrections.
    the project is in the Layout stage (4/5)

  • Quick Reference Sheets
    6 handy reference sheets and flowcharts in PDF format.
    the project is in the Drafts stage (2/5)

  • Space Combat (Final Title TBD)
    A mini-sourcebook on space combat in EP. Currently being worked on in irregular installments as part of our Patreon monthly projects.
    the project is in the Drafts stage (2/5)