Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: March 29, 2021


Rules FAQ

Q. When a rule refers to a skill rating, does it include the aptitude bonus?

A. Always. Whenever we talk about skills, assume it incorporates the linked aptitude.

Q. Can you raise a skill over 100?

A. No, 100 is the max skill rating (including aptitudes) for PCs. You may have a modified target number that is temporarily raised over 100 with modifiers, but a 99 will still be a critical failure.

Q. Can I use Flex to get any of the effects offered by other pools, such as going first in a turn like Vigor or refreshing rep favors like Moxie?

A. No, you can use flex for basic dice roll manipulation (the 6 bullet points under Using Pools, p. 34, EP2) for any skill test, aptitude check, or rep test, regardless of what aptitude it is linked to. You can''t use Flex for any of the special Insight, Moxie, or Vigor pool effects.

Q. Does the Acumen/Empathy/Fitness/Good Instinct/Quickness/Resolve/Stalwart trait give a bonus to skills linked to that aptitude?

A. No, Acumen and similar aptitude check traits only give a bonus to that specific aptitude check (as defined under Aptitude Checks, p. 37), not to skills. For example, Acumen (Level 1) gives you +5 to COG Checks, not skills linked to COG.

Q. Can an infomorph be stored and used later?

A. Yes, an infomorph can be stored in an inactive state (i.e., not conscious, just digital files), which can be moved and transmitted just like any other digital file. Note that many infomorphs have digital restrictions that prevent the files from being copied; these may be cracked like blueprints (p. 314, EP2).

Q. If you roll for the influence effect for an async's infection and you roll one that is already in effect, what happens?

A. This is up to the GM, but some options would be:

  • Increase the level if a trait
  • Take the next higher effect on the table
  • Increase the duration of the influence
  • Apply a new influence effect, like a different motivation

Q. If an async is affected by an Enhanced/Restricted Behavior trait,the level of which is based on the async's current Infection Rating, what happens if the Infection Rating goes up?

A. If the IR increases past one of the thresholds listed (33 or 66), increase the level of the trait.

Q. What are a muse's aptitudes?

A. A default muse has 15 for INT, 10 for the rest. GMs can of course allow muses with different aptitudes as special items, but they cannot have an aptitude over 15

Setting FAQ

Q. What year is Eclipse Phase set in?

A. We don't specify, on purpose. Somewhere between 2100 and 2150. Some people have speculated dates based on the current season we listed for Uranus (which would put it around \~2144), orbital locations on maps, or the distance of certain Kuiper-Belt objects from the sun, but don't read too much into that — we had to put those places somewhere in their orbits.

Game FAQ

Q. What are the differences between first edition and second edition Eclipse Phase?

A full breakdown can be found here.

Q. What first-edition (EP1) books are compatible with Eclipse Phase Second Edition (EP2)?

A. Sourcebooks such as Sunward, Rimward, Gatecrashing, Panopticon, Firewall, Argonauts, The Stars Our Destination, and Zone Stalkers are 95% compatible. Some of the morphs, gear, and other rules provided in their Game Information sections will be outdated, but are easily convertible. Any sample characters will also need to be converted. Our first-edition adventures and X-Risks are less compatible, but shouldn't take too much adjustment to use with second edition.

Transhuman and the Morph Recognition Guide are not compatible with second edition — but material from each has been incorporated into EP2.

Q. What typefaces does EP2 use?

A. The EP2 body typeface is Sina Nova. The header is Stratum1. The sans-serif is Retina/Retina Condensed. The logo is hand-modified Nikona X2 + Gris. All of them are commercial typefaces.

Q. Is Eclipse Phase supported on any VTTs (virtual tabletops)? Are there any scenarios read to play on VTT?

A. Yes, see our VTT page for a breakdown of what is available. There are no adventures or compendium material yet available, though that is currently being worked on.

Q. Can I use the Eclipse Phase logo on my homebrew website/Creative Commons BY-CA-SA release?

A. Yes, you have permission to include the EP logo on homebrew content as it long as your content adheres to our Creative Commons licensing guidelines. The Eclipse Phase logo is a trademark of Posthuman Studios LLC. Please use the following versions:

Q. How should I communicate with Posthuman Studios?

A. Best place to reach us is via email at


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