Eclipse Phase in Japanese

EP Japanese header

Earlier this year, our friends at Arclight published the Japanese edition of Eclipse Phase. We received our copies a bit before Gen Con, but haven't yet had a chance to show them off!

EP Japanese Core Cover

The entire book looks fantastic -- they did an excellent job of recreating the look and feel.

EP Japanese Accel Future Spread

They also sent along some recent issues of their Role & Roll magazine. They've published a number of EP replay (transcribed actual play) sessions and other features on EP over the past few years. One of the recent issues, number 140, features a nice manga introduction to the EP universe (sorry about the photo lighting, my apartment is a cave).

RoleandRoll 140 Cover

RoleandRoll EP Section

We're really excited to see Eclipse Phase in another language -- EP official translations can now be found in French, Spanish, and Japanese, not counting a number of fan translation projects in other languages! Thanks to to the fine folks at Arclight for putting this Japanese edition together and everyone else who has helped translate EP!


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