Morph Recognition Guide PDF Online!

Morph Recognition Guide is now available in electronic format! One of the stretch goals from the Transhuman Kickstarter, MRG compiles every morph and a bunch of variants from previous Eclipse Phase books (Eclipse Phase, Sunward: The Inner System, Gatecrashing, Panopticon, Rimward: The Outer System, and Transhuman!) into one book, perfect for "the shopping expedition." It also compiles morph-related rules, essentially making it "The Player's Handbooks for Morphs."

Morph Recognition Guide is 128 pages and will be available in full-color hardcover in the next few months, and the PDF version is available today!

Morph Recognition Guide:

  • Includes every Eclipse Phase morph—the most essential gear for every character
  • Morph-related rules compilation
  • New artwork and size comparisons
  • Compiled tables and quick reference material

We'll announce the print street date of Morph Recognition Guide when said date is finalized!