Eclipse Phase – April Updates

As we near the launch of our kickstarter campaign for our next book, Transhuman, we have a few news items we wanted to catch everyone up on.

First up, Sunward The Inner System is now back in stock and in stores once again. This is our second printing of the sourcebook and we're glad to have it available again! Note that we raised the cover price to $44.99.

Second, Rimward: The Outer System has been nominated for an Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement! We're glad to see it get some recognition. If you're attending the Origins Game Fair this summer, please consider voting for it!

The open playtest for Transhuman has begun and is doing well. So far we've posted drafts for morph creation rules, new morphs, new traits, and extreme morphology. There's more coming soon, including alternative character creation systems and new infomorph rules. Thanks to everyone who has been participating so far -- we really appreciate the feedback!

The slip-cases for the collector's edition of the French-translation are finally in, and they look amazing! We hope to have some of these at Gen Con.

While we're here, we also wanted to pass along two recent reviews of Eclipse Phase: one from SciFi Ideas, and another from Cardboard Republic.

Robert Derie's daily post of Eclipse Phase material on the Farcast yearblog has been going strong for over 3 months now! If you haven't seen it, check it out!

Finally, some sad news. Iain Banks, author of the celebrated Culture series, recently announced that he has cancer. Banks is one of the authors who inspired Eclipse Phase, particularly with his visions of a post-scarcity, AI-enabled society. A website has been set up for updates and to leave him messages.