Sunward Set to Reprint and Electronic Updates!

We're pleased to announce that we sent Sunward back to the printer yesterday for a modest reprint! Sunward sold out of its original print run last year, and we've pulled the trigger on a corrected reprint (mostly to bring it in line with the 3rd Printing of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook). To bring Sunward in line with our other books, we have raised the cover price to $44.99. We'll announce the date that the reprint will be available in stores as soon as we know it!

Reprinting a sourcebook -- especially a full-color hardcover one -- in today's RPG marketplace is a risk, but we think it is a properly-measured one. If you have Sunward in electronic format only (or maybe you borrowed a print copy from your GM and he'd like it back), the reprint is a great chance for you to get an updated rulebook and to help us prove that reprints are viable! The success of the Sunward reprint will determine our course of action for future reprints (and the stock of at least one of our other sourcebooks is already running low...)

Of course, we've also made some changes and updates to the electronic versions of Sunward:

  • The Resources page has been updated with the new errata file; the Second Printing of Sunward is version 1.2.
  • The Sunward PDF on DriveThruRPG has been updated. If you have already bought it, this is a free update for you!
  • The Melt (fiction from Sunward) ePub/Mobi/PDF on DriveThruRPG has been updated. If you have already bought it, this is a free update for you!
  • The Melt Amazon Kindle Edition has been updated. Unfortunately, we cannot provide free updates if you bought it on the Amazon store.
  • We have changed the Sunward Hack Pack on DriveThruRPG to match how we are distributing Hack Packs now, as $5 downloads that do not contain the PDF file. Everyone who bought the Hack Pack before February 1st 2013 is, of course, eligible for a free copy of the Sunward PDF. If you did not get a coupon in your mailbox offering you this download, please email Adam at

Thanks to everyone who has bought, read, used, and shared Sunward!

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