Damaged Book Bundles

As the business end-of-year approaches, we are faced with a small task that every publisher hates: disposing of damaged copies of our books. It costs us between $5 and $10 to print a typical Eclipse Phase book (just printing, not including any of the costs to write, illustrate, edit, layout, index, etc.,) so sending several thousand dollars of books to the recycler burns us; yes, we get to write those books off, but the lost potential revenue is much larger than that.

So in the tradition of experimentation, we are making two types of bundles of these damaged books available before we recycle the remainder:

* "One of Everything" -- for only $100, you get one copy of Eclipse Phase, one copy of Sunward: The Inner System, one copy of Gatecrashing, and one copy of Panopticon: Volume 1. There are only five of these bundles available! ($180 total value)

* "Four Core" -- for only $100, you get four copies of the Eclipse Phase core book. ($200 total value)

International orders add $20 for shipping.

Please be aware -- all of these books are *damaged*. In most cases, this damage is just scuffs and dings to the cover -- enough that a retailer won't want it as "new" on the shelf. A few may have more serious scratches or a torn page or two. They are certainly still usable if not pretty, and are perfect to keep on the table for everyone to thumb through and use and abuse during game sessions. While we'll certainly seek to pick the most intact copies to send out, we are selling these as damaged copies. All sales are as-is, no refunds.

This sale will run until only January 31st, or until supplies are exhausted. All of the orders will be collected and send to the warehouse on February 1st and shipped out shortly thereafter.

This is a great chance to get some extra books for your gaming table, and to save them from being recycled into something far less interesting!


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