CNN’s Geek Out Highlights EP

Christian Sager from CNN's Geek Out recommended Eclipse Phase as his geekiest holiday gift:

It's after the apocalypse. Humanity's evolved beyond the skin and
bones we were born with. Have you ever wanted to put your mind in a
different body? Maybe one with improved physical capabilities? Or a
different gender? What about a robot? Or even a octopus? All this and
more is possible in the unique roleplaying game "Eclipse Phase,"
published by Posthuman Studios. My favorite gift this season was the
almost 400 page Core Rulebook for this game of science fiction,
conspiracy and horror.

This book begins with a compelling short story that immerses the
reader in the "Eclipse Phase" mythos and immediately leads you into a
full description of its unique setting and culture. The game isn't as
hack n' slash as other tabletop RPGs and encourages in-depth roleplaying
from its players, including backgrounds, motivations and concepts to
encourage group storytelling. This is hard sci-fi, featuring morph
bodies, psionic powers, a "Matrix"-like virtual reality, space travel
and alien incursions. Best of all, Posthuman Studios has published it
under a Creative Commons license that allows fans to share or re-work
the book's text and art as long as they follow the license's conditions.

Thanks Christian!


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