Sunward Nominated for Origins Awards

We're pleased to announce that after winning the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game in 2010, Sunward has been announced as a nominee for the 37th Origins Awards in the category of Best Roleplaying Supplement.

The nominees are an amazing batch of titles:

Sunward: The Inner System (Eclipse Phase) - Posthuman Studios
A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide (A Song of Ice and Fire) - Green Ronin Publishing
Our World (The Dresden Files) - Evil Hat Productions
Advanced Player's Guide (Pathfinder) - Paizo Publishing
Sixth World Almanac (Shadowrun)- Catalyst Game Labs

The winners will be determined by the votes of attendees at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio, June 22nd-26th. If you will be there, please support us with your vote, and if you won't be there, please help us spread the word to your friends and fellow gamers  vote Sunward!


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