Original Art Auction to Support Libyan Rebels [2011 April Fool’s post]

[This year's April Fools post, with apologies to the octopi of Japan...]
Posthuman is pleased to be announced that we'll be auctioning the original art for the Salamander morph, Oversight Auditor, and Oligarch characters, with all proceedings benefiting the rebellion against Libya's tyrannical Gaddafi regime.

All proceeds from these auctions will go directly to the Libyan rebels, funding the purchase of much-needed assault rifles, grenade launchers, flak jackets, medical supplies, and even surplus washing machine timers for the construction of improvised explosive devices.

"The IED plans are under a CC license," said developer Brian Cross, "We've already seeded the torrent. Anybody in Libya with a Demonoid account has just been empowered to kick some serious fucking ass."

Your support will make a difference in the lives of thousands of Libyans. While the Obama administration and the CIA hesitate about which insurgent group to support, you can be making a difference now! Imagine a Libya where democracy shines through, free of Colonel Gaddafi's creepy mustache and blinged-out leather tribal robes. We will be opening the auction tomorrow, 4/2. Please bid early&often.

Posthuman founder Rob Boyle said, "We've been building contacts on the ground in Libya for years now. Now is the time for direct action."

Some fans may be wondering why, when other game companies are running benefits for Japan, we're instead choosing to support the violent overthrow of a North African government. Leaving aside our well-known political sympathy for rebel groups, we would like to point out that Japan is one of the world's leading nations in the consumption of octopi. While we have much sympathy for the Japanese people, we would prefer to support Libya, a nation whose beleaguered inhabitants devour fewer cephalopods.

"The Japanese really eat a lot of tako," said EP writer Jack Graham, "I mean, it's horrible what's happening to them. But will no one think of our tentacled friends?"

Finally, please keep in mind that this art is distributed under a Creative Commons license and continues to be covered by it after you purchase the original.


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