Eclipse Phase Events at PAX East (March 11-13, 2011, Boston)

Below is a list of Eclipse Phase games scheduled for PAX East. This second incarnation of PAX in New England will take place at the Seaport Convention Center just outside downtown Boston on March 11-13, 2011. I'll
be running all three sessions.

All games will take place in the RPG Sandbox area hosted by PAX's amazing Tabletop team.

Eclipse Phase Games (and a Panel!):

Friday, 3/11
2pm-4pm Xenovore 2 hour intermediate game
Saturday, 3/12
2pm-4pm Hypnogogia 2 hour beginner game
Sunday, 3/13
12pm-2pm Xenovore 2 hour intermediate game
4:30pm-5:30pm Getting What You Want Out of Your Gamemaster 1 hour panel, Merman Theater

Hypnagogia (beginner game): Your Firewall team's been shot into the lightless void at the edge of the Solar System to reconnoiter the interdimensional gate at Eris, a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt. But en route, your ship's AI wakes you from cryo sleep to investigate a ship -- drifting lifelessly away from the location you've been sent to investigate. The only people out here are xenophobic Exhumans and equally unfriendly Ultimate mercenaries, so boarding the drifting hulk could get interesting -- if anyone's still alive.

Xenovore (intermediate game, but will teach rules to beginners):
Gatecrashing -- exploration of xenoplanets via Pandora gates -- can be
both fabulously rewarding and unspeakably dangerous. The Iktomi ruins
on Vishnu IV looked like the find of your careers. With a little luck,
you won't end up another layer of dust atop this dead civilization.
'Xenovore' is the first EP scenario to be based on material from the
newest EP book, Gatecrashing and features PCs generated from an open design call to EP fans.

Getting What You Want Out of Your Gamemaster (panel): Gaming books are full of sage advice for GMs on why players play and
how to keep them happy, but what do GMs want? Why do they spend so much
time preparing games for us? And most importantly, how can players use
this to get what they want out of their RPG campaign? Award winning game
designers Luke Crane (Burning Wheel), Jack Graham (Eclipse Phase), and Joshua A.C. Newman (Shock: Social Science Fiction) talk about
why we play games, why we run games, and how we design them to make them
engaging for everyone involved. This event takes place in the Merman Theater.


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