Eclipse Phase Events at TempleCon (Warwick, RI, USA; Feb. 4-6)

Below is a list of Eclipse Phase games scheduled for TempleCon.
TempleCon is a classy little New England gaming convention (now in its fifth year), held at
the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island from February 4-6, 2011. I'll
be running all three sessions.

Eclipse Phase Games:

10pm-12am Hypnogogia Demo (2 hours)
9am-1pm Doctrine Full slot (4 hours)
8am-12pm Xenovore Full slot (4 hours)

Hypnagogia (Demo): Waking up on a cold metal slab with a week's worth of memories missing
is never fun. Factor in the unfamiliar body you're now wearing and the
fact that you're quarantined in a clean room, and it becomes pretty
clear that your last mission did not go well. (This is the same demo scenario I whipped up for PAX last year).


Firewall sends a team of agents to the Martian desert to seek out a
missing airship, the Hegira. But once the mission gets underway, a
complication reveals itself: one of you is a traitor.

Gatecrashing -- exploration of xenoplanets via Pandora gates -- can be
both fabulously rewarding and unspeakably dangerous. The Iktomi ruins
on Vishnu IV looked like the find of your careers. With a little luck,
you won't end up another layer of dust atop this dead civilization. 'Xenovore' is the first EP scenario to be based on material from the newest EP book, Gatecrashing.

And incidentally, I'll be running an old school AD&D 1st Edition game ('White Plume Mountain') on Friday morning.


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