Xenovore: Pick Your Gatecrashing Team

Update (12/13): It looks like I'll also be running this scenario as an event on Infrno.net (so you non-North Americans will have a chance to jump in) some time in February or March. I'll announce the date when I know for sure.

Have your 2 @-rep on the pregens for Xenovore, the scenario I'm writing to run at TempleCon this spring in New England. Here's the scenario description:

'Xenovore.' Four hour slot. Gatecrashing -- exploration of xenoplanets
via Pandora gates -- can be both fabulously rewarding and unspeakably
dangerous. The Iktomi ruins on Vishnu IV looked like the find of your
careers... at first. But now you're going to need some luck if you don't want to end up another layer of dust atop
this dead civilization.

Help me put together the perfect Gatecrashing team. 'Xenovore' is being written for a team of six gatecrashers. If you were at the table, who would you want to play? Two of the PCs will be developed by me using material from the forthcoming Gatecrashing book. The other four are up to you! Here's how it'll work:

  • Submit no more than one character description in the comment thread on our blog by 12/16/2010.
  • Character descriptions should contain only the following:
  • Name (optional, and I might or might not use it)
  • Faction
  • Background
  • Morph
  • Concept (in 50 words or less)
  • I'll ignore any suggestions that go beyond the information specified above.
  • If your suggestion is used, I'll give credit. If Posthuman ends up releasing Xenovore, I'll request that they include credit, as well.
  • You assign all rights to your character description to me (Jack Graham) upon submission. I agree that they will be used only for Eclipse Phase products, or for Eclipse Phase material released independently by me under Creative Commons licensing.
  • If you're reading this on Facebook, please click through to the actual comment thread on eclipsephase.com so that I only have to look in one place. Thanks.

Please note that Xenovore isn't an official EP project; it's just an adventure that I'll be taking to cons. I will be offering it to Posthuman. If they decline, I'll put it out for free on my web site.


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