Eclipse Phase at TempleCon (Warwick, RI, USA, Feb 4-6) and PAX East

If you're in New England or parts thereabout, I'm currently working on plans for Eclipse Phase at TempleCon (February 4-6, 2011) and PAX East (March 11-13, 2011). TempleCon is far and away the best regional con I've ever attended. Contrary to appearances on their web site, it's a gaming con with steampunk, not a steampunk con with gaming. And if you don't know what PAX East is, you've probably been living under a thick layer of Martian permafrost.

How many people are going? What Eclipse Phase events would you like to see? Let me know, and I'll try to schedule stuff that y'all will enjoy. I'm even up for writing a scenario based on the feedback I get.

As in the past, I'll probably end up recycling some of our events from Gen Con, along with debuting some new material.

Finally, if anyone is planning to attend Arisia (another regional New England con), now would be a good time to speak up, as I'm on the fence about going this year. If it looks like I could run a good slate of EP events, I'd be more likely to go.

I'll be happily receiving your input until the end of this week.


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