Schedule of Eclipse Phase Events at PAX East

Below is a list of Eclipse Phase games scheduled for PAX East. PAX East will be happening at Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston from March 26-28 (this weekend!). Badges are mostly sold out, but if you've got one, come play Eclipse Phase! I'll be running two brand spankin' new scenarios. The longer event, "El Destino Verde" incorporates some of the background on Mars I wrote for Sunward.

PAX doesn't guarantee table space unless you're running a tournament or paying them for it (weird, right?), so I'm going to be running this in the free play area. If you have a jeejah, I'll be using the EP twitter account to provide more precise location details once I know where I'll be. I'll also be working as a PAX Enforcer all weekend in the tabletop area, so stop by and say hello!

Eclipse Phase Games:

10am-12pm Hypnogogia Demo (2 hours)
10pm-2pm El Destino Verde Full slot (4

Demo: I'll be running a new two hour demo scenario, "Hypnogogia."

El Destino Verde:
Martian workers with genetic faults in their morphs have been turning to traditional Chinese medicine for a quick fix. But what's the secret ingredient in the special sauce?


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