Jack Graham bio

Real Name: Jack Graham
Firewall Codename:
Jake Carter
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency:
Terraforming Line Tech/Barsoomian Technosocialist
Previous Experience:
indie sci-fi writer/publisher, co-author of 'Empyrean' (forthcoming far future posthuman SF RPG)

About Me: I hate writing bios. I'd much rather be doing something I enjoy: biking through Boston traffic without getting doored, hiking, writing a story about a robot country singer, pwning your punk ass at strategy games, thrashing around to loud music, or maybe building a 12 meter tall wooden firefly and then burning it whilst people dance 'round it. I'm from Chicago. Currently I live in nrrdtastic Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is possibly the best place in the world for stalking scientists and picking their brains for ideas. I have pictures of the following people on my office wall (partial list): Gygax, Arneson, George de Mestral (the guy who invented velcro), Thomas Pynchon, Du Fu, Janeane Garofalo, and Jean Luc Goddard. I breathe the Kurzweil Foundation's news feed and poop self-aware nano ice cream.

I'm throwing a Martian New Year's party this year on October 24 (roughly New Year's on the Darian Calendar). Everyone who plays Eclipse Phase is invited.

Transhuman Interests: Let me tell you something about transhumanity: we're it. EP presents a worst-case hard take off singularity, because this makes for a good story. But we're already living in the midst of a soft take off singularity. The upheaval of intellect posited by Vinge is occurring, subtly, now, and the self-enhancing intelligence is us, not some berserk AGI. Want to be in on it? Go out and get an Android phone; discover how having Wikipedia, search engines, and a mapping program in your pants buffs your effective intelligence. We have a ways to go before this flower becomes fruit, but the game is afoot.

Transhuman sci-fi and RPGs like Eclipse Phase provide a toolkit to explore the shape of things to come. What do we want out of the future, and what do we have to do to avoid fucking it up? I'm obsessed with questions like this: what happens when a "real" human falls in love with an artificial person? How will people adapt to the material abundance provided by nanotechnology and microfacturing? When we move out into space to live, not just to explore, how will it change our cultures... and what aspects of them will prove durable? How does physical deathlessness change one's outlook on life? Will everyone get a pony, or will we all be flesh eating combat drones in the future corporate cyberwar? Eclipse Phase challenges you to dig deep into these questions.

Contribution to Eclipse Phase: Solar System gazetteer, most of the Accelerated Future chapter, drugs & narcoalgorithms in the Gear chapter, starter adventure, Mars chapter in Sunward (Inner System setting book), several of the faction logos, semi-official marketing ninja

Favorite thing about Eclipse Phase: Finally, a game where when I ask the GM upon joining their campaign, "Can I be a brain in a vat?" (which I always do), they can say yes!


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