Eclipse Phase Off to the Printer

As I mentioned on twitter, The Eclipse Phase core book was officially uploaded to the printers last night. It's a relief to finally get it off!

The policy at CatLabs is not to announce a street release date until we have absolutely confirmed it, so we can't say at this time what the actual release date will be. We're printing it overseas, which generally takes a couple of months, so please be patient.

The PDF will be available before the book, though I don't have a set date for that yet either. It will be at least a couple of weeks. It's a race to see which we get out first -- the PDF or the freebie Quick Start Rules.

In the meantime, I have a couple of other exciting EP announcements in the works, so stay tuned! Also, we'll be posting more art from the book and eventually an actual PDF preview of the core book. We're also working on the GM Screen and the first couple of sourcebooks, Sunward: the Inner System and Gatecrashing (which deals with exoplanets and the Pandora Gates).


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